Presentation Running Sheet Skit
~Character Dialogue
All Movement sequence for lesson hook
Bethanie Discusses systems and overarching system of Assessment, Recording and Reporting on student success
Cherie Enters with a high pile of documents dramatically places them on the desk. Sighs and wipes brow Reporting time again! 32 of them! I hope I got enough stuff here, not that any of the parents ever really want to look at it. I've been collecting this stuff all year, I've lost a heap of it…Oh well here it goes..
Simon enters and sits down Hello Mrs. Rowbottom ( aside ) I can see why Timmy calls her Mrs. Paddlebum. How's my boy gone this year?
Cherie Well Mr Simons as his report card indicated he's had a good year , not an exceptional one though
Simon Yes I noticed in English he got a D. Whats wrong with his work
Cherie pulls a file from the pile Well as you can see from this example of his work he lacks punctuation skills and his work seems hurried with very little detail
Simon The name on here is Ellie
Cherie Really. Oh do excuse me. Oh yes umm here is Timmy's
Simon Yep that's pretty bad, but let me show you a story he wrote for us last weekend on the computer hands page over
Cherie Well yes this seems good
Simon and this is a poem he wrote on the computer a few weeks ago
Cherie Well that's wonderful
Simon He'll do anything on a computer, but he hates handwriting. looks in Timmys file. Oh by the way this has the name Lucy on it. Do the kids get much opportunity to use computers?
Cherie getting flustered No I don't believe that computers should have a role in the classroom ( to herself) and I wouldn't know how to turn one on
Simon hands another piece over This belongs to William. Do you have any more examples of Timmy's class work?
Cherie grabs file and knocks over glass of water onto it Uh no not in here but we can have a look in his desk
Simon Where does he sit?
Cherie Just over there knocking a number of files off the desk as she points to Timmys deskCherie leaves upset. Simon starts picking up papers
Simon Meanwhile next door
Bethanie Bethanie enters swinging a flash drive and plugs it into a computer. Hello Mrs. Jones. Please come and take a seat beside me. I am so pleased to be able to share Ella's work with you today Plays digiport
Corinna Well that was wonderful. It really gives you a feeling about what is happening in the classroom. How did that get on the computer?
Bethanie Actually Ella puts it on there. On Fridays the students reflect on what they thought was their best work in a particular subject and if it wasn't done on the computer they then scan it. As you can see clicks on a document She has gained her scanning competency certificate. This is only given once the student understands how to scan, name and file their work onto the computer. One of the major tasks for this term was to then create a storyboard of that work in Moviemaker
Corinna Well that was wonderful to watch. It makes you feel as if I can really see where she is at
Bethanie I have a copy of it here for you to keep
Corinna Thankyou Bethanie moves away END OF SKIT
Corinna Discusses current purpose for portfolio's- evidence
Simon Discusses current portfolio product- Paper, paper and more paper
Cherie Discusses current method and moves on to discuss the digital method
Corinna Discusses digital purpose with particular focus on student ICT learning integration
Simon Discusses the digital product advantages
Bethanie Concludes with a discussion about what digital portfolio's achieve within the assessment reporting system for students. Concluding statement ** Digital Portfolio's celebrate student achievements**

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