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Hi everyone,

I was looking at BB and looking at the suggestions on how to make the presentation more interesting. I thinking about a quick two minute skit that shows an LM with a massive big pile of files some of which fall on the floor with two perturbed parents in a parent teacher interview. With a small comedy of errors ocurring which shows how paper portfolios are bulky and difficult to manage. I am happy to be the LM and have a go at the script. If Simon and either Corinna or Bethanie could play the role of the parents.


Cherie, the skit sounds great, if time allows, I would be happy to be one of the parents. Simon.

* Corinna

Hi. Found this information. Not sure if it will go in purpose or product or nowhere at all???
DeFina (1992) lists the following assumptions about portfolio assessment:

"Portfolios are systematic, purposeful, and meaningful collections of students' works in one or more subject areas.
Students of any age or grade level can learn not only to select pieces to be placed into their portfolios but can also learn to establish criteria for their selections.
Portfolio collections may include input by teachers, parents, peers, and school administrators.
In all cases, portfolios should reflect the actual day-to-day learning activities of students.
Portfolios should be ongoing so that they show the students' efforts, progress, and achievements over a period of time.
Portfolios may contain several compartments, or subfolders.
Selected works in portfolios may be in a variety of media and may be multidimensional." (pp. 13-16)

Cherie, I have found a few eg's of Dportfolios but have just noticed your link to Ella's digital portfolio. I was interested but could not access it. Simon.

Hey Guys,
Found this interesting article, and thought it could be of use for at least one of you if you hadn't already found it
Its a journal article entitled "Rethinking the Purposes and Processes for Designing Digital Portfolios"


Do any of you have any problems with the skit, the way it flows , the content your role in it etc. I will create a formum on the skit page for you to add comments directly there. I have also added a comments moduleto the bottom of each of your pages and this one so its easier to do. I only just found the comments syntax module for this wiki. So please don't edit the box that looks like + Comments new line module comments title = out of your page



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