Feedback Sheet

Feedback for Glenn , Stuart, Jess and Jane

Essential Declarative Elements Not Evident / below expectation At expectation Very well demonstrated
Topic clearly defined and explained and links to student success made apparent X
Links to current policy and practice clearly made- ideas and aspects selected to focus on were appropriate and clearly explained / demonstrated X
Dim 4 process selected was relevant and well utilised & documentation shows that process used in a clear and useful way X
Range of credible articles, readings and materials referred to X
Original research conducted and used in appropriate and interesting ways X
Essential Procedural Elements Not Evident / below expectation At expectation Very well demonstrated
Well planned and presented group presentation. Utilised time well and managed group process effectively. Clear communication of ideas and understandings X
Audience engaged and interested. AV elements and materials well selected and utilised X
Reflects on current theory and practice and projects future possibilities X
Effectively group work. Other networks and partnerships utilised X
Other comments There were a number of policies. There was an obvious group rapport and the presentation workload was shared equitably. The use of their current practicum worksite network and their network of peers was evident in their research. The CRP of invention was used effectively and explained thoroughly, giving the audience meaningful insite into the process and your ideas. Some kind of 'hook' may have helped engage the audience more effectively, as well as more eye contact and movement while speaking. Powerpoint was well utilised, as you didn't read from it but it was integral to the presentation. Interesting and relevant work.
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