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Portfolios are a great way for teachers to store and access information about their students and to inform parents and other parties of students progress. If they are implemented properly they can also be linked to learning goals with appropriate assessment items. Portfolios allow students to record their achievments and experiences and in general "helps develop self-esteem, professional development and good teaching practice" (Hartnell-Young & Morris, 1999; Barrett, 2000; Piper, 2000).

As we are in the 21st Century and things are becoming more and more computer orientated in the classroom, digital portfolios are becoming more popular.
**They can: **

  • Provide an opportunity for students and teachers to learn and develop their computer skills.
  • "Present the learners wth many more options for recording and presenting artefacts that demonstrate their achievements and growth". (Barrett, 1997; Hartnell-Young & Morris, 1999) Can be in the form of sounds, images (still or moving) and words.
  • Create motivation in students to make and publish "their work in ways that result in greater self-confidence".(Armitage,1998)
  • Provide an opportunity for students to record and preserve special moments for reflection - recording individual and group stories that can later be used for class discussions.
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to assess students ICT skills as they develop their portfolios themselves.


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