Complex Reasoning Process

*Systems Analysis

"The process of analysing the parts of a system and the manner in which they interact. Stated more simply, it is the process of describing how the parts of a system work together."

1. Identify the parts of the system
2. Describe the boundaries of the system
3. Describe how the parts effect each other
4. Identify various parts of the system and for each explain what would happen if this part changed or stopped working

Key Points (Brainstorming)

1. The parts of our identified system are Assessment, Recording and Reporting
2. Curriculum and planning are related to the system but not so much a part of it???
3. A choice in one part, limits the options available in the another, or the holistic outcome/product
4. The part of our system that is to be identified, explored and explained is the 'Recording' section.
5.Systems are often so transparent that we do not recognize them. The following points can help in the identification of a system:
• A system involves working parts that interact with one another
• What one part in a system does affects all the other parts
• The world around us is made up of many systems interacting with one another (e.g. families, ecosystems etc).

Possible Model

1. What are the parts of the system?
2. What are things that are related to the system but are not part of it?
3. How do the parts affect each other?
4. What would happen if various parts stopped or changed their behaviour?

Examples of Systems Analysis

Select a well known fairy tale. Draw up a character web for that story, identifying the relationships involved. Map the main events (or plot) of the story. If you change the nature of one of the relationships in the story, how would the story change? (e.g. if one of Cinderella’s step sisters really liked her how would the story be different?)? Create a new plot line for the story. Select the most interesting new scene to act out.

Select a local waterway and identify the most obvious parts of its ecosystem. In small groups, select one part of your ecosystem. Identify how this part could be affected by environmental change. What would happen to the rest of the ecosystem if your part changed?

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