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The method for Portfolio presentation

Current paper methods of portfolio accumulation are cumbersome and inefficient and may actually lead to injuries in teaching staff. The current method involves capturing the students work ( a feat of persistence, imagination and just good luck), storing it ( multiple pieces of paper), not losing it and then returning it to the student. Examples of some students work such as in The Arts KLA, Science KLA may not be capturable or storable in this medium. The components of the Portfolio system includes; tests, awards, certificates, evaluations, pictures and projects with possibly some written student reflections (Weidmer 1998). The LM produces copious numbers of hand written observations all filed neatly into plastic sleeves inside cumbersome folders. There is also a requirement for educational evidence and documents to be kept for X amount of Years ( I will have to access this data and reference it). This team believes that all those pieces of paper would be much better off having a faster journey to the bottom of the budgie cages of Australia or to wrap Nanna's birthday present in.

Replacing this, is the new kid on the block, the digital portfolio. Able to leap tall Outcomes in a single bound, faster than a preppie on a toilet run- e portfolio's- the modern managers way to freedom. They can incorporate sound and video as well as animation, voice overs and scanned imaging (Weidmer 1998). Documents can be produced by word processor programs and some LM observations and documentation can take on a "check the box" style. The major difference between the old and the new is of course the role of digital or computer technology. The introduction of computer technology in the portfolio arena has had many benefits to the users. Storage of extrememly large amounts of data can be achieved on this ( holds up CD) or this ( holds up flash stick)

The obvious advantages in portability, flexibility, creativity and the more seamless "flow " of information may be offset a little bit by some cost,technology skill acquisition by the LM and technology maintainance issues. there is however one major benefit that cannot be overlooked…… ( to Corinnna)


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