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(Start with a physical movement representation of a system)
A system is a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole. We are surrounded, especially in the Education, with systems. Not just systems but systems within systems. The system that has come under analysis by our group is the Assessment - Recording - Reporting system. This system is made up of 3 smaller systems, and is itself a part of an even larger system that includes, but is not limited to, Curriculum, Planning and Pedagogy.

For our system to be a system, the parts are, as I said, independent with there own characteristics and purposes, but they interrelate, they effect each other in some way. Within the assessment - reporting system, the parts fit together as follows -
ASSESSMENT - (is, after completion, gathered together as evidence for) - RECORDING - (which is used to support, and as data for - REPORTING - (which informs planning for further) - Assessment etc.

The parts of this system can again be broken down into systems themselves.

Look at the system of Assessment. The parts of the assessment system include:
Purpose (why), Context (What), Time (When), and Mode/Form (How).
If you start at say, context, the choice that is made of the given options effects the choices that are now available in the next part, which effects the choices in the next part etc. (Give brief example - State Testing)

Now if we look at the Reporting system, we notice it has similar parts, but at the same time the options are quite different. This system has:
Purpose (Why), Audience (Who), Material (What), and Method (How)
Because it is a system, it works in the same way as the assessment system - each part is dependent on the other parts. A decision made in one section will directly influence decisions that can be made in any of the other sections. If a choice is changed, more likely than not another part has to change. (Read out the tags on the lines of how they interrelate).

The primary focus or concern for our overall system (ASSESSMENT_RECORDING_REPORTING) is at the RECORDING stage, where we specifically analysed the system in the context of the following question –
Do DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS effect the assessment and reporting system in a positive way, if at all, such that it promotes student success?



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